Small Advisement about Great Universe (Bolda)

I'm not a physicist (rather philosophy amateur;)) and diz article iz written with some (small) knowledge of modern physics. (eg.: relativity, quantum physics)

.Essence of Gravity.

Gravity - main atraction of universe iz still quite mysterious. Da Graviton -theoretic element of gravity and carrier of gravity tunes or gravity force hasn't detected yet. Diz iz explained its smallness usualy. I think, that Graviton iz a TIME quantum - as a foton iz quntum of energy (for instance). Material elements have some energy (matter) and space dimensions, gravitons have time and space dimensions or vectors. Time vectros of gravitons may be negative (against normal time flow), therefore gravity force effect immediately (directly). As matter deforms timespace, graviton flows move among (to) diz deformations.
Perhaps, gravitons travel after spiral track (as electrons) and diz spiral has space (x, y, z) and time (t) dimensions.

.Gravity Flows.

Da Space iz full of so-called gravitons. When some matter thing (e.g. Earth) deform space near ( right oriented ) gravitons fly to source of deformation and may take other matter thing to move - as river take some small rocks. For Instance: Gravitons flow from Moon to Earth, from Earth to Sun, from Sun to gravity centre of Galaxy (and|or back). When all vectors in space and time are complexed, there are a summary moves ;).

.Gravity centroid of Universe.

Da matter (and antimatter) izn't present steadily in universe. Therefore da gravity centroid ( centre gravity point ) izn't(?) start point of Big Bang, probably. But there iz gravity centre of Universe out here, where flow all graviton flows in last summary. ;)

.Black Hole Suns and Singularity.

When da biggest stars gravity crunch theirself, break (scarify) space and gravity like-waterfall (flaw in timespace) is born. Da power of waterfall is enough yanked anything (behind da horizon) [also light (fotons)] to Singularity. Singularity is da point (with no space and total density), actualy out of space. I think, there is only ONE Singularity and each black hole lead to diz ONE (and da same) Singularity. Da gravity force of Black Hole is big amenably dimensions (weight) of crunched star and flaw in space after star's crunch.
.end. Hmm, if i read diz, i think i must learn physics still, so much... Hmm, if i read diz, i think i must learn english still, so much...