New Anarchy in hLA

Well, I have been declared to leader of Horizontal Lamerz and it's fine, because i may realize small revolution in hLA life. I think diz revolution does better times for Horizontal Lamerz group and diz iz cool be active that i needn't kick myself for unactivity. :-)

Kicking out from hLA group is possible for unactivity only from now.

Total freedom of making is relevant for hLA from now, so: Do anything what you want, but do something (or don't be in hLA;$)). I don't give up starting new projects, make some coordinating work, waking up lazy members of hLA to some activity, looking for new members or starting new projects. Be sure, i don't want make limits for any hLA member in scenish making or i don't speak to anything, respectively COMMAND anything in hLA.

Hmmm, here iz small instance for whichever it's clear:

When somebody in demo makes big pulse text: ¬Bolda iz lame swine!║, will be diz demo released as hLA product or won't? Yes, it will, certainly. And it will be a great production, which i gladly will spread it, even nobody won't be kicked due it, but that text will rage me much and i will invest diz rage to some fat mag article :^]. Well, that was small hypothetical instance.

I intend start election leader of hLA on Apocalypse 2000, because hLA will have elected leaders with one year valid mandate.

Well, i finish diz text... hmmm, yeah, .

That'z really all, yet.