Comfy differences of Amiga Scene

On da second half of november, after release date of Amiga Positive no.14, there were some hury resposes for mostly peexleee's Fiasko'2k reports (written by look of amigans, in Lahve's case even objective;)) on czech peexlee scene infobase on (certainly, is diz any way for other result?;)).

Besides ordinery proud peexlee mean ( conflicts Amiga PC are something as listening of boring radio programme - I hope that diz citation is exact;)) in usual sense, that is inrelevant to doubt about peexleee advantages, for its power, massive use and who knows what else, there were even founded opinions about that Amiga magz may un-delight peexleeers, while peexleee's scene mags delight amigan sure and anything in its contents should not rage amigan.....

So, it's rather baseless theory. I was sended on Vhe (czech peexleee scene webmag) and because I has read older two issues in M$-DOS (dos text gfx for puking off) and surfed to that page and..... well, nothing don't made me rage and some peexleee platitudes laugh me even. Effect across the board? BORING! (Oh, so boring!) Hmmm, I don't remember when I was bored from Amiga scenemag...

Yes, exactly, that is under level of EC, Trashcan, even Showtime and about that's deeply under level of Excess sure and I must write that's also under level of Amiga Positive ;). None actual heterotopy of other comfy different and platform with unique software a hardware solutions. And also, that all looks as whole peexleee scene is only shadow of that peexleee's commercial morass, which has ruled on peexleee, rules there and will rule there forever. That is clearly shown on style of writing articles, graphics, and no music I has heard from Vhe yet, but according modules, which I listen on Fiasko'2k, so that shown in music too.

And also that izn't only about mag's differences, which I consider as the loudest, but..... even imagine of starting stuff from M$-DOS or Windoze, fie.... Peexleees are on every place, in work, in school, in job office, everywhere. I don't affirm that scene on main commercial platform hasn't sense, but I should say, at least one half of scene feeling is in ass, if it isn't in shits (on peexleee:)), because even when it's maked non-ordinary free stuff, so always it's maked on total ordinery non-free machine.

Luckily we have real differnce beside main commercial flow on Amiga and luckily it will be forever probably, if they will not make Amiga too on peexleee philosophy.

I don't know, but if Amiga sceners become peexleee sceners, mostly they totally become lamers either, or they bring some of Amiga differnces on their new platform. This destiny absolutely repel me, it's better enjoy Windoze uncompatibilitis fully.

I don't protest against peexleee trends on hi-end productions (using PPC and 3D gfx devices), but I think that low-end productins (680x0, AGA, or even OCS) could not vanish from Amiga scene, that it will not end as on........