So, again new AP no.15 has released just. And what's new? More texts writen in english or more articles in both languages (czech or english), because now Amiga Positive is more enjoyable for readers, which don't understand czech, not only for czech, moravians, silesians and slovaks (poles cann't read and understand well czech language;))).

Well, Amiga Positive is primary prepared for people which have Amiga for best, but for dear latent amigans (so-called latentics - pc users running amiga in emulation) and welcomed are pure peexlans (pc users) too.

Hmmm, certainly, peexlans must prepare for that in almost texts will be called peexlans (or peexleers) instead PC's users.

Need AHI for play music is da news in issue 15, because modules inside diz (and next) Amiga Positive are in DigiBooster Pro format (DBM0), which open new sound abilities for diz mag, but diz means too, that needs of Amiga Positive little grow up. AP15 will be slower than AP14 especially on 030 based Amigas. Better don't try run AP15 on basic A1200 without accelerator and FAST RAM. Also our dear latentics must be prepared for that their emulated 020s scrape their pentiums more drastically, whichever they enjoy it.

Also I must write something about mag section What never been released elsewhere . There is free space in diz section for all articles, which they never been released due their socalled low level quality (especially because they been under quality level of mag) or because they been late or for whitchever another reason ;) ... Censorship suxx... in What never been released elsewhere can be released that all and diz articles may be written in any language.

So, new is Prefs* too. This issue was exactly hard work for all of us, but it's new Amiga Positive issue and it is not the last issue and it's here and it's comming to world! So, spend a nice time with reading!


* not in on-line version, of course;) - Vejr