Multiplatform parties with Amiga?

Sure, we all know, what they say about us: we're chauvinists, fanatics, crazy madman company limited, etc and etc, mainly czech scene peexleers spread this rumours on exactly and they want full segregation... without multiplatform parties(??).

It's clear, that shows multiplatform parties aren't without frictional areas and conflicted points, nevertheless they exist even over that their limits and sure, they are positive for Amiga scene (if Amiga soul is present, actualy ;)).

Multiplatform scene parties require regular load of tolerance of all directions. On the other side, talking about Windoze's reboot-froze-fall (even it's favorite and usual theme of many amigans;)) or slang comments to ix86 CPUs power management on multiplatform party... @{c 214}is quite problematic@{c 245}, well, exactly that themes also isn't tabu, but it is not present into peexleers' tolerance, hmmm... but their crude and sure SOPHISTICATED ;-) comments as that one: slow (high end demo on mc68030/50Mhz [less FPU] powered Amiga;)) are into my tolerance, barely, well it's usual on mostly peexleer's party.

Well, I'm not against multiplatform parties. It's exactly good they is here and they able to over-platform fun ;). My personal will is to visit MaleS symposium in Malé Svatoňovice; it's future multiplatform party, which it comes true on april/may... perhaps. And about (unofficial?) multiplatform Fiasko party, so even when somebody doom Fiasko to stank, I wanna going to Fiasko annoing for Amiga and hLA colours. ;) This will be funny day for peexleers, won't it? Sure, they will be glad to see me and Lahve (for instence;)) and other incoming amigans, when they want to be really multiplatform party with full level of tolerance.

I concede, pure Amiga parties are my favorite, but on the other side I don't despise multiplatform parties, especially when there will be (maybe??) only one pure amiga action - Apocalypse 2001 in the Czech Republic.

So, Let's look on multiplatform parties positive, especially it's needed... ehmrr ;). Maybe, if here will be more support for pure Amiga parties from sceners, users, lamers by famers and so on.. you know it.. ;) It's lack of money, time and again and again.... ;)

Well, Let's go on multiplatform parties, for instance to expedition searching for nuber of Windoze failures to 100 square meters :))