PPC, 3Dgfx on scene, with special look on suxxing

It's probably know for somebodies, attitude to amiga hardware and using of newer hardware divide scene on few thought's flows, which enter to conflicts and it's ventilated in diskmags usualy.

For instance, core one of conflicts is about if it's good to make PPC and 3Dgfx accelerated productions or if it's 060 enough or if it's better more standart AGA demos (uf, even "naked A1200" idea has followers, but i'm afraid that way is usable only for AGA-oldskoolers and latentics;)).

It's looking differently for now, but sure there is in beginning chaos. There were only one mixed compo (yes! PPC and 68K together...phfffuuulish) on Satellite party (in Szeczin/Poland) and freaks buying peexleee and they have "low-upgraded" Amiga (fast ram,030) for perhaps hundred years and they feel that them 030 is enough for anything. Maybe, it will be finished similar to solve "ECS x AGA problem", it's time for two independent categories for 68k and so-called high-end productions.

Sure, plenty of AGA demos running on 060 will be better than some PPC demos and it will be showed at least ;), but why to doom each of PPC productions, don't it? Clearly, which processor(s) will be used into next Amiga (or "Amiga"?), and type of proccesor won't be essential perhaps therefore PPC dawn in fall probably, but it can serve within more power than 68k series processors for us now, but how much we able to use its power is other question. Sure, if there are 68k and PPC demos into only one and the same compo category, it's simply unfair. That isn't good to blend, even it's mixed sometimes, as on Satelite party...there it wasn't for lame organization certainly, but for a few contributions, well it's brightly clear!! ;)))).

Clear, so it hasn't future within this cpu/compo mixing, respecively 68k production is killed with that behaviour. But is awaiting similar destiny to once fame OCS/ECS stuffs and compos for so-called "low-end" production (and I think 030 not only)? ... is it a sequential dieing? Exactly! But for all is typical and normal and wholly regular, so it's total natural process... well there will be 68k production per ten years at least by my opinion and it will grow up to smaller and hopefully greater primes sometimes yet.

It needn't curb for PPC progress by 68k... and mean of "more standard AGA demos (for pure A1200!) save the Amiga, PPC suxx" even it sounds as extreme opinion, but it don't only sounds - it's exactly! There is none rage against old-school stuffs... but sometimes it's over. PPC suxx is suxx!