Interview with Lahve/RSN+LOT+MWI

How do you feel just like a packer of Sabotage packmag, let`s say successful piece of software?
Hehe, well, I don`t feel anything special of course. The Sabotage is not so spread, it isn`t older than one year yet and some sceners won`t never see it due to the way of snail-spreading only.
Why just a new packmag?

I didn`t care to be dependent on anyone, I just wanted to make a diskmag, but it could be enough for me. In other side, I liked to collect a voting sheets etc. and packmag is the best thing for that, it`s just a personal, maybe rather intimate concernment ;).
Why Sabotage got her name?

I was inspirated by the same named videoclip from the Beastie Boys. I mean, all design is overtaken from this black/white style of this video. It`s also expressive of my personal life season which I went through and maybe I`m still going :). In additional, this name is a bit shocking, short and easy to remember, it also cannot be distorted. There is a piece of the French language which I love but it never been learned by me. In short, I cannot find better name for my pack.
There is a bit of philosophy there, I think; can you tell us more?

Sure. The original plan was to make something different, special and stylish. The main will was spreading of each issue by snail-way only, later some more specialities has been discovered by me, for example - original music everytime made especially for this pack by the best music composers. By the coincidence, I managed that in every issue since the first one. Almost all the composers asked by me agreed to help me, although they never see my pack and never heard about that. I had just a luck. I only had some problems with really elite musicians like Ganja/NVX, Jazz/HJB or Kuu/DCS (ex-Substance), but in other side, I`m very proud to cooperate with the musicians like Teis/Spaceballs, Roz/RNO, Teo/Kangooroo, Tex/Mankind, Qwan/Uprough or Mortimer Twang/DCS. Spreading by snail-way only is obligatory for everyone, it means also for our contributers.
Why you wanted to have so dark and gray design?

It`s connected with already mentioned inspiration of the Beastie Boys` videoclip recorded on old dirty tape. Original design could have been a bit different, but Id made the design by his own but I`m gratified.
What is your experiences with the snail-way spreading only?

I have good experience, but I really don`t know how much is my pack spread. True, from time to time I got a request to send the newest Sabotage issue via e-mail from unknown people. But I think Sabotage is well-spread...
So, how and why you chose this spreading system?

It`s simple. There is not so much interest in the swap here just like in the past. You can get anything stuff you want by snail but also by downloading from bigger servers. If possible, we want to spread some production via snail-way only, it could take some interesting of the traditional swap stuff higher. The people needs some reason to do the swap again. Some days ago, I sent latest Sabotage issue to Qwan/Uprough who asked me for that and told me: "I would like to get some snail from someone after three years". Great, isn`t it? ;)
Are you satisfied with a concernment, feedback and support has been given to Sabotage pack?

Interesting is high I have to say, but feedbacks are rather personal. But I`ve heard some people are preparing some articles for various diskmags (Devotion and Eurochart I think), so let`s see ;). Support is worse... We have less articles than needed and also not so many voting sheets, but we cannot change it. I`m writing in future tense because Punisher joined our staff a few weeks ago overtaking our new "SWAP" section. I`m more than happy about that, he`s really answerable.
Could you make any comments of the best-swapper chart?

It works just like any of the others. It includes actual position of the swapper, from his previous one, there is also his handle and number of points there. I chose the simpliest voting system I could because the people are lazy to fill looong text files. All you have to do here is to write down your handle and tick the box with the best swapper in your opinion. You also can write a handle of someone else who is not in the nominates, this guy will become an adept and after get 3 points he will enter the chart officially kicking the man who has the less points the others. So, number of people in chart isn`t ten like in previous issues but that number how many adepts will people choose.
And what about the number of readers and voters? Are you satisfied?

Not so much, as I told. In the other side of the simple voting system, I usually get two or three voting sheets per issue.
What do you think about the people who is spreading Sabotage via net (e-mail, ftp`s...)?

These people`s simply killing my work. Thank God, I never heard about anyone he do this, also I haven`t seen any of Sabotage issue on any FTP`s, so it seems like people respect my request of snail-way spreading.
Some people`s talking about your pack like one of the best; do you want to make some comments about that?

Ah, really? Who? :) Well, it`s their opinion. The true is my pack couldn`t suit to everyone. My pack is black/white not only due it`s color spectrum, so you could love it or hate it :).
Do you feel to make Sabotage so often as nowadays?

If I will hold my power, why not? Sabotage is directly made for regular and frequent releasing having regard for it`s efforts to content only actual information. It`s also all about to have something to fill it with. That`s why it`s not released so regulary, but I`m trying to keep one issue per 40-45 days. I`m successful so far.
Do you plan some new surprise or total increasing of quality level in the future?

There are many things which could be amended - faster code, more sections... time will show, I cannot exclude, if I`ll have more music support, pack would change to little original regulary-releasing musicdisk :). But as I said, time will show...
Thanx a lot for bold answers, Lahve! :)