Swap? More swap-only spreadstuff!

So, do we all know what's da swap? Well, so without advices ;). Some says that Swap lost primary reason of its existence (spread da scene stuff), because internet may do diz function faster, cheaper (? stamps always cheated?).... Well, luckily there are secondary reasons yet, aren't it?

It's difficult say if swap may alive only from secondary reasons, but perhaps it may, but even better is little another way.

If there will be enough swap-only spread production (spreading via internet forbiden;)), it will be purchased for swap survival. Sure, it's fine that stuff from parties or mags (but absolutely not all) is cosily reachable via ftp (ftp://amigascne.org is cool). Also, for instance 8 MB musicdisk isn't good piece of stuff for swap-only spreading, but maybe one disk packmag (upto 880kB) is a right candidate for swap-only spreading. There is pioneer da Sabotage of Reason demogroup production (origin Sabotage is in hLA;)).

But, not only packmags may be produced as swap-only, well so all what taky upto 3-4 disks can to help swap not only survive, but to inject to swap rediscovered dimension of spreading soft, which is reachable only via swap.

Well. So there will be some swap-only (swapware?) productions in next hLA projects....